Get the part with less nerves and more confidence.
the audition intensive
There are so many methods, so many ideas out there. 

"Well, this is what I'm supposed to do, but I'm not sure..." 

Actors are basically taking a dart, looking at the board, and going, 
"Oh, I hope I can hit the bull's eye. I hope. I think... I don't know." 

When you go into an audition with any fear or doubt whatsoever, you're dead. You will not get the job because doubt will lead to insecurities which will then lead to mistakes and not auditions. Of course, mistakes are inevitable, but many are avoidable. Making too many avoidable mistakes causes you to lose confidence in the work that you're doing.
Why walk this path alone?
For actors who want immediate results this class is invaluable,
 as well as a life changing experience for every actor who has taken it.
Jesse Williams
"The simple truth is that my performance, understanding, ability to progress, and yes, my employment, have all dramatically improved with the guidance and support of Sara Mornell. I consistently look to her for coaching, and wisdom, and am always, ALWAYS, better for it."
- Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler
Rose Rollins
"Sara redefined my entire outlook on the audition process. By the time I had been referred to her I was completely defeated by an entire pilot season without a single booking. She taught me how to take control, make strong choices and, most importantly, have fun! She changed my life. I instantly began making strong impressions in the rooms which have led to my career jumping back on track. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t found her."
- The Catch, The L Word

Adam Rodriguez
"Elevation as an artist requires constant growth- we must always be learning, searching, feeding and exercising our creative selves. Along the way we find people who will guide us. Sara is one of the very best guides I’ve ever come across. Through her honest approach and genuine concern she’s helped me get back on a road I’d forgotten how to find. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and own up to your truth and channel that truth into your acting, I don’t think there are very many people who can do what she does as well as she does it.
– CSI: Miami, Magic Mike,

Sara Mornell, is a working actor, author, director, and Audition Coach. As a producer and director, Sara's insights are invaluable. At the height of her career Sara was recurring on two network shows, as well as appearing on a pilot. During a brief hiatus her agent asked her to coach one of her other clients for an upcoming audition. The results were immediate, the client successfully booked the job and Sara’s love of coaching was born. 

As a coach, Sara is known for changing actors' lives.
Many have attended Sara's Intensives and found her support and guidance to be ground-breaking in their career. Mornell's experience in the business allows her to know what works and what doesn't. She teaches taking control, strength, while having your own voice and more importantly, having fun! 

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